Meet Froggie

The Adventures of Froggie.

Learn about the adventures that Froggie has with Carillu and his friends.

Picture of Froggie sitting on a lilly pad.

Have you ever had to make new friends? Come learn how Froggie made new friends when his family moved.


Froggie was sad. He was moving away from his friends. His parents got a new job and they had to move.

Can you make a sad face?


All of Froggie’s friends were sad, too. "Noooo!" they cried. "We don’t want you to move."

How many of Froggie’s friends are crying?


Froggie had so many questions, he just wanted to hide. Would he make new friends?

Can you close your eyes and pretend to hide?


Froggie thought and thought. How could he make new friends?

Can you tap your head and think?


Froggie was playing in his new yard and saw Buggie. Froggie waved. Buggie smiled. Froggie found a new friend!

Wave hello to Buggie.


Froggie and Buggie were playing soccer, when they saw Hopper. They waved Hopper over to play with them.

Now, how many friends does Froggie have?


Froggie, Buggie and Hopper saw Carillu watching them play. “Come play with us!” they said. Carillu smiled.

What color is Carillu’s balloon?


Froggie’s friends came to visit him. Now Froggie has lots of friends!

Can you count all of Froggie's friends?

Want to play some more?

Click on the friend you want to play with.

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